Systems Engineering


(finished) Modeling and evaluating development relationships across disciplines

Analyzing the dynamics of cyclic interactions PSS

(finished) Implementation of module and platform strategies within plant engineering

(finished) Cost analysis and optimization of mechatronic products by valuation and design of product structures

(finished) Development of a market driven system and product strategy for brake control systems

(finished) Strategic development of company’s knowledge with knowledge maps

(finished) Methodology for creating cycle-robust module and platform strategies

(finished) Analysis and Quantification of Complexity of a CT Product Family


Systems Engineering
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Managing Structural Complexity
Special Interest Group der Design Society

Dependency and Structure Modelling (DSM) techniques support the management of complexity by focusing attention on the elements of a complex system and how they are related to each other. DSM‐based techniques have proven to be very valuable in understanding, designing and optimising complex systems, including: product architectures, organizations and processes. The International DSM Conference provides a platform for practitioners, researchers, and developers of DSM‐related tools to exchange experiences, discuss trends and showcase results and tools.

Complexity is an ever-present obstacle in any business. Managing complex systems is therefore a core competency to successfully run any business. The Design Structure Matrix (DSM) is a simple tool to perform both the analysis and the management of complex systems. It enables the user to model, visualize, and analyze the dependencies among the entities of any system and derive suggestions for the improvement or synthesis of a system.

Soley GmbH develops agile and innovative software solutions for data analysis in engineering. With Soley Studio experts digitize their knowledge, automate time-consuming processes and, thus, overcome existing complexity. At the push of a button, practicable workflows – from the consolidation of data, through data analysis to the visualization of the results – spare time and money immediately. Soley Desk makes this expertise transparent and usable throughout the business and with consistent quality.


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