Research Group Design Processes

Modeling and Management of Engineering Design Processes

The research on engineering design processes as run by research group “Modeling and Management of Engineering Design Processes” at the Institute of Product Development addresses common questions about how to proceed as efficiently as possible when designing a complex technical product or a product service system. Besides characterizing and understanding processes, however, an important focus is put on what different perspectives are actually necessary to grasp a process in its complexity. Especially the human factor is of great importance to the research at the institute; e.g. when researching how to improve collaboration between different disciplines of engineering, the research is carried out based on the paradigm that it is the different ways of thinking of the people involved that – if handled the right way – leads to an improved process.

As problems and research follow common trends, the research carried out by the group focuses in particular on the following questions:

  • What are common challenges in the management of engineering design processes?
  • What solutions need to be extended?
  • What obstacles have to be surmounted?
  • How do the challenges interact?

The members of the group are working as part of the international Special Interest Group Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes (MMEP) that is part of the Design Society.