Research Group Systems Engineering

Handling Complexity

The goal of the Systems Engineering Research Group of the Institute for Product Development is to gain and mediate competence in controlling of complexity in product development. The goal of this integrated work is the development of innovations relevant to industry in the field of complexity management. Generic concepts, methods and tools for the handling of complexity are to be created. Plegmatum serves as a contact for research communities and industry as well as a partner for teaching.

For this purpose, the experience from various industrial projects and the research across scientific disciplines are used together with preparatory work and core capabilities of our institute. Furthermore international scientific exchange and cooperation with industrial partners are central goals for the Plegmatum Research Group.

This ensures the transferability of results, equally applicable to products, processes, multidimensional problems (such as projects), information management and costs. It even enables specialization and competence expansion of the Plegmatum Research Group.


Managing Structural Complexity
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