Requirements- and Change-Management within the Top-Down Development of Mechatronic Products

Interdisciplinary Agile Medical Engineering Development

Implementation of agile methods in small and medium sized enterprises to improve development processes

Development of a Cocoa Pod Peeling Machine for Cocoa Plantations in Cameroon

Analyzing the dynamics of cyclic interactions PSS

Cycle-oriented planning and coordination of development processes

Lifecycle-driven decision methodology in product-service system planning

Assistance to the cycle-management design of PSS innovation processes through diagnosis and dissolving of inconsistencies between models of different domains

Selection of Finished Projects

(finished) Estimation of indirect costs in drive technology

(finished) Architecting Manufacturing Systems and Industries for Adaptability

(finished) Methodical development of sensor concepts

(finished) Analysis and Quantification of Complexity of a CT Product Family

(finished) Research alliance for efficient product and process development through knowledge-based simulation

(finished) Methodological toolkit for systematic evaluation of design solutions

(finished) Process-oriented Requirements in Simulation Management

(finished) Integrated design and manufacture of customer-innovated products in cyber-physical production systems

(finished) Communication Platform Bio-Inspired Design

(finished) Cost analysis and optimization of mechatronic products by valuation and design of product structures

(finished) Systematic design and evaluation of customer experience

(finished) Web 2.0-based Cluster Management for MAI Carbon

(finished) Implementation of module and platform strategies within plant engineering

(finished) SME specific Application of Outside-In Open Innovation

(finished) Progress by active collaboration in Open Organisations

(finished) Modeling and evaluating development relationships across disciplines

(finished) Methodology for creating cycle-robust module and platform strategies

(finished) Development of a market driven system and product strategy for brake control systems

(finished) Systematic development of a company’s knowledge

(finished) First steps into a new kind of electric mobility

(finished) Strategic development of company’s knowledge with knowledge maps