Cost Analysis

Cost analysis and optimization of mechatronic products by evaluating and designing product structures

Field of Study


Cost analysis, product structures, mechatronic products


Mechatronics combines the three domains mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology to design innovative products. At the moment these three different domains are considered separately, even though the interconnections between them increase the complexity of the product development and its cost management. Although several methods and approaches exist for the early calculation of the domain specific share of cost, overall cost analyses and cost optimization methods for the application in all the domains of mechatronics are missing.
The DFG funded project "cost analysis and optimization of mechatronic products by evaluating and designing product structures" assumes that the complexity of the origin of cost of mechatronic products that results from the lack of transparency of the different domains can be reduced by an overall discipline approach that regards product structures and their cost. Besides new procedure models, adapted methods for cost prognosis and analysis, for product structure designs, system engineering and for complexity control are required.


The main goal of this project is the cost analysis of mechatronic products by means of evaluation and configuration of product structures. With a combination of methods from product structure analysis and cost management, cost relevant product structures should be designed, analyzed and, optimized with help of suitable guidelines.


Principles for the evaluation of product structures with focus on mechatronic products are the basis for the project. Prior to the analysis of relevant costs, the project earmarks the modeling of the product structure and further domains relevant for cost causation. The approach of the project utilizes this modeling for the analysis in an integrated model and therefore allows a discipline spanning optimization of the product structure in terms of costs. These results are combined to guidelines for the identification of cost potentials and the design of cost-efficient product structures in an industrial application.

Project Term

November 2013 bis October 2016