CT Product Family

(finished) Analysis and Quantification of Complexity of a CT Product Family

Field of Study


Complexity, Dynamic, Platform, Product Family


Complexity is present within many companies nowadays. The complexity can arise from the market, the organization and its processes as well as from the offered products themselves. When multiple product variants, subsumed within a product family, are offered, the complexity sources from variety, the amount of products and its attributes and the change over the product lifecycle. Also, in the medical sector, in this case namely Computer Tomography Products, more and more products are designed after the initial market launch. This increases the complexity within the organization. But the nature of this complexity and its implications are not known.


The objective of this project is the determination of the current complexity of a product family by the means of various KPIs as well as the causes of the historic evolution of the complexity since the market launch.

Therefore, the structural complexity should be determined:

  • Complexity caused by component variety
  • Complexity caused by product variety
  • Complexity caused by the interaction of elements

Moreover, the dynamic complexity should be determined:

  • Analysis of change causes
  • Reasons for variety increase
  • Temporal changes of the complexity

Based on these analyses, KPIs are calculated which represent the complexity of the product family and its evolution over the time.


To reach the above mentioned objectives, the information describing the product family is acquired: the interdependencies between the components and functions, the take-rates of the various product variants and communality analysis. This information is visualized applying matrix- and graph-based methods. In the next step, the reasons for past changes, the changed components, the change impacts as well as the interdependencies between the changes are identified by expert interviews. Based on this information and the insights, a KPI is determined, which quantifies the complexity and its facets.

Project Partners

Siemens Healthcare

Project Term

December 2013 to May 2014