Integrated Design and Fabrication of Customer Individualized Products in Cyber Physical Manufacturing Systems

Field of Study


Open Innovation, Open Innovation Platform, Flexible Production Systems


The rising level of the customers´ demands and the increasing market saturation are the main drivers for the development of customized products. A promising approach is the increase of the degree of individualization of products. By the possibility of direct communication between customers and companies using Web 2.0 platforms, the customer will be in a position to intervene with significantly enhanced design freedom in product development. This can be referred to the development of customer innovative products. The basis for the production of such products is represented by manufacturing systems, which have an unusually high degree of autonomy and flexibility. In the context of Industry 4.0 promising strategies for it are Cyber-Physical manufacturing systems and so-called Smart Factories.


The aim of the joint project InnoCyFer is to develop methods and technical solutions that enable an integrated design and manufacture customer innovative products. The integrated design should be carried out through the development of an Open Innovation (OI) platform – i.e. a web 2.0 platform, which supports the integration of creative and innovative potential of the customers in the product development process. The resulting custom production orders set high standards for production planning and control (PPC). To meet these challenges, the planning and control of an autonomous systems manufacturing based on cyber-physical should be designed. This PPC requires a highly flexible manufacturing system, which is to be realized by bionic communication structures in production.


The project is divided into five sub-projects (SP) structured. In SP 1, an open innovation-platform is developed, which enables the integrated product development process from design to manufacture of customer innovative products. The SP 2 deals with the operation and use of the open innovation-platform and the integrated toolkit and cost forecasting tool. The SP 3 has the goal of developing novel methods for production planning and control (PPC). In TP 4 a new concept for the production control of highly flexible manufacturing is developed based on the behavior of social insects in search of food. A complete transfer to the problem of the production will be analyzed. In order to communicate the ideas from the project InnoCyFer and to transfer the results, in TP 5 a Public Innovation Lab is built, which will be presented at various events and media.

Project Term

November 2013 to October 2016