Knowledge Development

(finished) Strategic development of company knowledge with knowledge maps

Field of Study


Knowledge management, knowledge development, knowledge maps


The knowledge of employees is a decisive factor for the success of the company. Increase of employees fluctuation, use of new technologies, open up into new markets and more intensive cooperation between companies need continue knowledge development in the company. As a result appears the need of a transparent gathering of the intern and extern company knowledge. This transparent representation can be realized using knowledge maps. Out of the knowledge map can be identified the weaknesses and strengths of the knowledge potential as well as threats and opportunities for the future strategic company development.


The goal of the project is the development of an approach for liking the development of knowledge with the company strategies under consideration of company´s internal and external knowledge between cooperating companies. This overall goal can be divided in the following ones:

  • Gathering and analysis of intern and extern company´s knowledge: development of knowledge map including department, organizational, project specific and extern knowledge.
  • Strategic development of knowledge areas: description of future scenarios and derivation of knowledge strategies.


Two main steps are planned in order to achieve the goal of the project:

  • The development of knowledge maps for different knowledge areas will be examined. First of all the knowledge areas and possible knowledge interfaces between cooperating companies will be defined. Secondly the extern influences as well as other intern factors that have an influence in the development of the company´s strategy are determined.
  • An approach for establishment of a target knowledge structure will be suggested based on the developed knowledge strategy dependent on the selected knowledge areas. Measures for knowledge development will be suggested according to the identified needs.

Project Term

August 2014 to October 2015