(finished) Communication Platform Bio-Inspired Design

Field of Study


Bio-inspried design, interdisciplinary communication, solution search and transfer


Nature offers a great amount of solutions for problems caused by all kinds of boundary conditions. Bio-inspired design aims at using these solutions for engineering - either bottom up, i.e. developing a technical application based on a biological solution or top-down, i.e. searching a biological solution for a technical problem and transferring that to engineering. One of the main challenges in bio-inspired design is interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between biologists and engineers.


The DFG-funded research project KomBi addresses this challenge. For supporting interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, a model-based, computer-aided platform is developed. The platform guides the user in modeling the own system or problem to convey it to the other discipline. A collaboration partner can be found via the platform.


The information needs which are necessary for a succeful interdisciplinary communication and collaboration have been identified via semi-structured interviews with biologists and engineers and analyses of existing models in biology and engineering. A guideline for modeling a system or problem was developed based on the interviews and analyses and is currently tested by an interdisciplinary student team (two students biology, two students mechanical engineering). A software prototyp is under way.

Project Term

April 2012 to April 2015