MAI Carbon

(finished) Web 2.0-based Cluster Management for MAI Carbon

Field of Study


Knowledge Management, Information Management, Cluster, Carbon Composites


Leading edge clusters are undoubtedly a formula for success during times of rising competition, increasing complexity and accelerating innovation cycles, and therefore an essential tool to realize the federal government’s high tech strategies. Experience with the first and second generation of leading edge clusters have made it clear that the quality of the cluster management, beginning with the cluster strategy, to cluster culture, to organization and the processes, are of fundamental importance to the cluster.


The project’s goal is to provide the German leading edge cluster and especially the cluster MAI Carbon with a communication and cooperation medium, which promotes networking on the level of individuals promoting a decentralized, parallelized and consequently much faster process. The better-connected people are within the cluster, the more there will be opportunities to develop cooperation, knowledge transfer, business relationships, and new ideas. Simultaneously, the confidentiality and reliability of all information and controllability for each organization in the cluster has to be secured.


Using methods and analysis of complexity management, the virtual network will be analyzed to identify certain properties and characteristics of the network. Those analyses determine the usage and success of features of the online-platform. Furthermore, the analyses’ results recommend measures, which increase the effectiveness of the online-platform.

Project Term

December 2012 to November 2015