KLC Module and Platform Strategy

(finished) Implementation of module and platform strategies within plant engineering

Field of Study


Modularization, Platform Strategy


A new concept for a plant was already developed in a previous project. Thereby a new module and platform strategy was designed, which is now to be realized.


The industry partner will be supported methodically in realizing a new module and platform strategy for a new plant. Therefor lessons learned of past development projects will be derived, specific challenges for the implementation of module and platform strategies will be elaborated and the planning of a new development project is supported.


The methodical support of the project is carried out in workshops. Therein following topics will be treated: Lessons Learned & record of requirements, project planning, comprehensive requirement and project controlling and surveillance of the fulfillment of the requirements.

Project Partners

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH

Project Term

January to October 2015