SFB 768 Subproject C2

Lifecycle-driven decision methodology in product-service system planning

Field of Study


Design methods, Design tools, Design Organization, Design management, Product modeling, Decision making


The project addresses challenges presented by cycle-aware decision support in the context of planning of product-service systems. The coordination of product-service systems need to be offered in the short, medium, and long terms. Dynamics of general conditions affecting product-service system lifecycles are analyzed and taken into account.


One goal is to anticipate and analyze cross-lifecycle interactions. The flexibility in the future product-service systems that can be offered by means of structuring them in a product and service portfolio. A methodology will be built for giving support for recurring decisions via product-service system characteristics.


A model of cycle-oriented decision-making in the planning process will be built to collecting decision criteria along the planning process and to represent the relationships between decision criteria and their effects on product-service system characteristics. Furthermore, a model of a product and service portfolio will be built. This PSS-Model coordinates structuring of future product-service systems over several planning horizons and is an approach for the flexible export of PSS concepts to the development department. Finally, an overall decision methodology for cycle-aware product-service system planning will be defined.

Project Term

January 2016 to June 2017